Protest against plans for Sheffield bar Reflex to stay open until 4.30am

Reflex on Holly Street in Sheffield.
Reflex on Holly Street in Sheffield.

Fed-up residents and environmental protection bosses have protested against plans for Sheffield bar to open until 4.30am seven days a week.

Proposals to extend the opening times of Reflex and Flares on Holly Street in the city centre by an hour – which would also mean it can sell alcohol until 4am – were due to be considered next week by Sheffield Council.

But the council’s own environmental protection service has objected saying the bar ‘already enjoys some of the longer opening times relative to its immediate neighbours’ and the hearing has been adjourned for further consultation.

The service it is ‘mindful of the volume and regularity of complaints received from residents in this area of the city regarding noise from licensed premises’.

Residents have objected, saying they already struggle to sleep because of noise.

“Every night that the venue is open we see customers queuing outside or leaving and gathering outside the venue screaming and shouting, sometimes singing and chanting loudly in a drunken state,” said one objection from a family with children.

“This is completely disrespectful and inconsiderate towards the local residents.

“This continues from 10pm onwards at our home until 4am – they move on from the venue across the street just under our flats or via City Hall bus stop, where on many occasions I have seen them wee or vomit wherever they can and sometimes just collapsing on the road after that.”

The same objector said they could not open their windows in hot weather and further noise was caused by trams or taxis sounding their horns at revellers in the way.

Green Central Coun Rob Murphy has also urged the licensing committee to consider the ‘many people’ who live nearby in 216 apartments.

He said: “Residency is mixed in these apartments – we have been contacted by a family with a 15-year-old daughter.

“Residents struggle for much-needed sleep free of disturbance by noise and anti-social behaviour while trying to live normal lives with nine to five jobs and children at school.

“The opening hours should not be extended one hour further into the night, leaving them a very small window of uninterrupted sleep before the early morning city centre clear up starts.”

The venue’s current licence means it can sell alcohol until 3am and close at 3.30am.