Pulp drummer unveils Sheffield taxi pub – with a bar on passenger seat!  

Nick Banks in the taxi pub.
Nick Banks in the taxi pub.

Pulp drummer Nick Banks has unveiled what is believed to be the world’s first taxi-pub -- complete with a bar on the front passenger seat.

The 53-year-old Sheffield musician has kitted out the interior of a cab with three working pumps which serve lager, bitter and cider.

Nick Banks inside the taxi pub.

Nick Banks inside the taxi pub.

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The father-of-two has named the taxi ‘The Drinks Cab-innit’ which is also equipped with a disco ball, curtains and a bottle bar.

But obviously, the driver never drinks when getting behind the wheel of the bright-coloured taxi dubbed ‘The Pink Torpedo.’

The idea to convert a taxi - which can fit up to five people in - came after Nick entered the ‘Bangers & Cash’ event -- the UK’s first art banger car rally.

The taxi pub.

The taxi pub.

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He assembled a three-man team for a charity drive from Sheffield to Monte Carlo this month to raise money for Roundabout - Sheffield’s youth homeless charity.

But Nick and his two “adventurers” had to find a mode of transport and scoured the internet until they discovered one vehicle which stood out -- an old ‘Boohoo’ pink taxi.

The friends got in touch with the Sheffield taxi community and eventually snapped up the taxi with 12 months MOT for £650.

The taxi pub.

The taxi pub.

He said: “We kept on the trial of the pink taxi and after dogged determination managed to buy it.

“We bought the taxi for £650, which is the maximum you are allowed to spend.

“One of our adventurers is in the drinks industry. Once we had this taxi we had to do something with it.”

The Drinks Cab-innit was unveiled to the public at The Brothers Arms in Heeley on Saturday, September 8, and was billed as the ‘World’s first and only taxi-pub’.

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Kaltenburg lager and Thatchers Gold cider is on tap in the cab.

But sadly, the taxi won't be giving you a lift to the pub any time soon, as it doesn’t take passengers and will be scrapped after the rally.

Nick said the pumps only work when hooked up to beer lines at a real pub due to having to stock up on gas bottles.

But when the trio set off later today they will instead have a bottle bar while driving from the South Yorkshire city to Monaco.

Nick said homelessness is on the rise and expressed his concern that everyone is "three pay packets" away from living on the streets.

He said: “I think it’s getting worse these days. The transition from school to the working environment can be difficult and families can break up as well.

“There were periods where I was very close to being homeless. We are all two or three pay packets away.

“We are doing it for the charity not just for the laugh.”

Nick has been a member of Pulp for the last three decades and also plays in fellow Sheffield-based bands Pollinates, Bigshambles and sometimes guests with The Everly Pregnant Brothers.