Quest for suffragette plaque

RESIDENTS in the ‘Moor Oaks Triangle’ in Broomhill are aiming to highlight the area’s links with suffragette Adela Pankhurst.

They are hoping to raise money for a brass plaque in the pavement next to 45 Marlborough Road to commemorate her living and working in the house from 1910 to 1911. Their campaign is also an attempt to highlight the condition of the empty, rundown building.

Adela Pankhurst – one of three sisters who were suffragettes, battling for women’s rights and votes – came to Sheffield to run the Women’s Political and Social Union.

A plaque would highlight the building’s importance in the history of Sheffield, which was one of the first cities to stand up for women’s rights, said Sue Widdows, who lives in Marlborough Road.

Householders were selling tea and buns and holding a raffle last Saturday to raise both money and awareness.

“We are trying to get the community involved,” said Sue. “We are hoping to get the money for a plaque, then there are other things such as restoring the Victorian light at the top of Marlborough Road. We feel as a community our streets are falling apart.”

Adela was the youngest of Emmeline Pankhurst’s daughters and worked tirelessly to organise the movement in Yorkshire.