Quintet bidding to become Ecclesall member on Sheffield Council

Arun Mather, Sheffield Council election candidate, May 2014
Arun Mather, Sheffield Council election candidate, May 2014

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 22, to choose new members for Sheffield Council, including a new representative in Ecclesall ward.

Five candidates are vying to join existing ward members. Coun Penny Baker and Coun Diane Stimely.

The candidates are:

LEWIS DAGNALL, of Ainsley Road, Crookesmoor – Labour

The 21-year-old said: “I was motivated to stand in the local elections by my conviction Sheffield is becoming a fairer, greener, and stronger city with the direction of the Labour Party. Over recent months, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of residents across Ecclesall ward. I’ve carried out two surveys to learn your views on key issues. If elected I’ll keep this dialogue open, so I know how you want me to act. Young people have lost out under the Coalition government. But the Labour council is creating opportunities for work and training. For example, it has supported the RISE graduate internship scheme and made sure apprenticeships were attached to the Streets Ahead project. This is really important – not only to young job-seekers like myself, but also to parents and grandparents who want the next generation to make a good start in life.”

ROGER DAVISON, of Charnley Avenue, Ecclesall – Liberal Democrat

The retired teacher, who has represented Ecclesall for 20 years, said: “I’ve had the privilege of being part of the local Liberal Democrat team campaigning for Ecclesall for the past 20 years. I’m proud of our record of action in the area and local people always tell me they are pleased that we keep in touch all year round, not just at elections. When Labour politicians announced plans last year which could have seen Ecclesall Library close, local Liberal Democrats were first in line to protect our treasured community library. Although we were successful in our campaign to keep the library open, services at the library will be reduced. Yet, at the same time as pushing through these cuts, Labour have poured millions of pounds into pet projects in their own favoured areas. I’ll continue to campaign to restore library funded and make sure our area gets the fair deal it deserves.”

ARUN MATHUR, of Greystones Grange Road, Greystones – Green Party

Mr Mathur said: “I’ve lived in Greystones for 17 years with my wife and two sons who go to local schools. I’m a social worker with 30 years experience challenging local authority services to do better on behalf of people who need their support. I’ve been active in campaigns to stop excessive supermarket development and protect local shops in Banner Cross and Sharrow Vale. About 70 per cent of vehicles using Ecclesall Road have just one occupant. The council urgently needs a long-term plan to transform the way people travel in this area to reduce traffic and dangerous air pollution levels. It must create a good and safe environment to walk and cycle. It should continually improve bus priority and encourage and reward fuller car occupancy journeys.”

CHRISTINA STARK, of Limb Lane, Dore – Conservative Party

The Tory candidate said: “I was born in London, moving with my parents to Sheffield when I was aged seven, making Ecclesall our home, and there I stayed, apart from moving away for further education. I worked in Sheffield then moved to London where I lived and worked for three years before moving back to Sheffield and joined the family business. I worked with my Father and took over the running and the distribution of Sunday Papers in Sheffield and the surrounding area. During this time I took Mirror Group Newspapers to court on a sex discrimination case. This shows I’m not a person afraid to stand up for what I believe in – work hard and change things for the better, not just change for the sake of it or change to suit just me. Common sense is something that should be brought to the council and I’d like to have the chance to bring a fresh viewpoint. We need Conservative councillors to create a way forward and not leave us stuck in the rut of expensive Council Tax for people living in the West side and not letting non payment of council tax and shortage of cash lead to cuts for the people paying the higher percentage. Thursday is a chance to change things for the better.”

JOSH WRIGHT, of Whirlow Court Road, Whirlow – UKIP

Josh Wright, who has lived in Whirlow for 18 years, left Silverdale Sixth Form two years ago. Since then he has worked in hospitality and services and is now currently working within the gambling/leisure industry. He has a keen interest in the Chinese culture and language in which he has studied. In his spare time, he enjoys horse racing, football and travelling. He has a keen interest in history, British politics and foreign affairs and the monarchy.