Raise a glass to a new brew

Four Sheffield University students are competing to create the perfect pint.

Engineering students Arjun Krishna and Damini Mahajan, and marketing students Alexandra Nicolau and Martin Fuentes, have teamed up to create a new beer brand called ‘114’ for a contest organised by the brewer behind Stella Artois and Budweiser.

Arjun and Damini brewed the beer - ‘smooth and crisp with a tinge of honey’ - in partnership with the Sheffield Brewery Company.

Alexandra and Martin created a marketing campaign, which included designing a logo and posters, filming a DVD and organising free taster sessions.

Martin said: “The competition so far has been a big challenge and very rewarding. The making of the beer was an exact science but we have ended up with a great tasting beer people enjoy.

“It was so important for the beer to be brewed locally and to use local ingredients, which is why the honey used comes from the university’s own beehives.”

The name ‘114’ refers to the number of students enrolled at the university’s foundation in 1905.

The Sheffield team will pitch to judges on April 30.