Real stories of Asian family life

Faultlines:  A Tale of Corander and the Dog, Open Minds Theatre Co
Faultlines: A Tale of Corander and the Dog, Open Minds Theatre Co

A hard-hitting play which aims to show Asian family life as it really is comes to the Library Theatre next week.

Rotherham-based Open Minds Theatre Company are presenting Faultlines - A Tale of Coriander and the Dog, portraying a present-day Kashmiri/Pakistani community against a backdrop of big shifts in society.

It completes the Faultlines trilogy created by Taiba Yasseen from Channel 4’s Make Bradford British and Open Minds artistic director Steve Rogers, who say it is “a performance that looks you in the eye and does not shy away from saying it how it is.”

The Faultlines series began 10 years ago with the story of the first generation of Kashmiri/Pakistani immigrants to Britain.

Following on from its success, the second play told the story of the families and young people who arrived in the 1970s and 1980s when the community shifted from “only here for five years” to a settled British community.

As well as touring through support from the Arts Council, the European Parliament commissioned excerpts of both plays, and the play and a discussion by the cast were featured on BBC’s Newsnight.

Steve Rogers says: “The first two plays were a great success and have excited enormous interest and enthusiasm in the Kashmiri/Pakistani and other communities.”

Faultlines – A Tale of Coriander and the Dog features new characters who bring together and develop themes from the previous two plays. Three weddings, a funeral and the neighbour’s dog peeing on the coriander feature in this tale family life, racism, inter-cultural relationships and differences in society.

Taiba Yasseen adds: “This play draws from real stories and gives the audience an insight into everyday life.

“The play explores significant shifts within the Kashmiri/Pakistani community, for example, the changing role of the Asian Muslim woman, especially in the one place where she can be her vivacious and vibrant self - her home.”

The ensemble cast for the third instalment features a mix of amateur and professional multi-ethnic actors .

Faultines- A Tale of Coriander and the Dog is at the Library Theatre on Tuesday at 7.30pm.

Tickets at £10/ £8 from 0754 1475159.