Residents confusion over spelling on street signs across Sheffield estate

John says he shared the image on Facebook as a laugh, to see what others thought of the spelling error.
John says he shared the image on Facebook as a laugh, to see what others thought of the spelling error.

Residents have shared their confusion after a spelling error on street signs across one Sheffield estate left them puzzled.

John Clarke, who used to live on Hazlebarrow Drive, noticed the error when he saw that the nearby road sign for Hazlebarrow Road was spelt differently reading ‘Hazelbarrow’. 

Hazlebarrow Close, with the correct spelling

Hazlebarrow Close, with the correct spelling

He said: “Hazlebarrow was named after the Hazlebarrow Farm, as the estate is built on the fields of the farm but in the Sheffield archive it's spelt Hazelbarrow. Nobody knows how to spell it.”

However, when googling the nearby farm, you may be confused to find it actually appears with the spelling of Hazelbarrow. 

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But, when looking at an historical map between 1892 and 1914 it is spelt the other way. 

Hazelbarrow Road, which should read Hazlebarrow

Hazelbarrow Road, which should read Hazlebarrow

And, it appears that Hazelbarrow farm stands on the site of the former Hazelbarrow Hall, which was built in the 16th century.

John added: “Hazelbarrow won’t come up on google maps. You get families who are accusing others of not knowing how to spell their address. Everyone is confused.

“The council didn’t notice either. I couldn’t believe it but the council changed it by putting stickers over the letters, but they won’t last. It changes half way through the estate, starting as Hazelbarrow near Jordanthorpe Parkway.”  

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He has also shared the photo on Facebook to see if other residents could make sense of the situation. 

Carl Thompson said: “My Grandparents moved onto Hazelbarrow Road from Attercliffe when it was first built and it has always been Hazelbarrow Road from the parkway end but Hazlebarrow from the flats (which are now gone) end.”

Ann Anderson added: “Lived this end of Sheffield all but five years of my life and always thought it was Hazlebarrow.”

However, some pointed out that when searching on the Royal Mail, all addresses appear with the spelling Hazlebarrow.

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But Mel Beverley said: “Much as I love Royal Mail they aren’t infallible and as John says, it's spelt different over the estate!”

Philip Beecroft, Head of Highway Maintenance at Sheffield City Council said: “We can confirm that the correct name for these streets is in fact Hazlebarrow. This is evidenced in Ordnance Survey maps from as far back as 1971.

“However, we are now aware that on some of the older road signs, which were erected many years ago, the spelling is incorrect and these will be rectified in the next few days.”