Residents in crime-ridden Sheffield neighbourhood say ‘nobody is listening to us’

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Residents living in a city neighbourhood blighted by violent crime insist that ‘nobody is listening to us’.

In May, we reported residents’ claims that around 50 pensioners had been mugged in Firth Park, leaving many people too afraid to leave home alone.

The muggings came on top of reports of open drug dealing in the street, antisocial behaviour, joyriding, theft, prostitution and violent crime.

Following the reports – and pleas that residents wanted to reclaim their ‘lovely little town’ back from criminals – MPs, South Yorkshire Police, Sheffield Council and other organisations said they were working to tackle the issue.

But nearly three months later, residents insist the area is still ‘chaos’ and claim they do not feel any safer.

Linda Daniels, of Brushes Tenants and Residents Association, said: “Nobody is listening to us and nothing what we have been promised is happening. MP Gill Furniss said she would be working with police. But we are not seeing more police officers on the streets and haven’t seen Gill.”

Tracey Kerrigan added: “There’s a few PCSOs that come, but they pop in and don’t stay around too long.”

At a meeting in Firth park library yesterday, Resident Bryan Hopkins said: “I’ve lived here for 34 years and I’ve watched Firth Park change from a lovely area to one of the worst in Sheffield. It’s chaos.”

Rose Marie Darrell, 73, added: “I don’t go outside on my own. There’s a lot of young lads hanging around all the time, it’s scary.”

But Coun Alan Law, who represents Firth Park ward, said he was confident that the issue is being tackled.

He said: “I’ve been in regular contact with police, especially in relation to the muggings, and I’m confident that the police have a handle on it and that the issue is being tackled.”

MP Gill Furniss, member for Brightside and Hillsborough, said: “Senior police have reassured me that they are taking the situation seriously, and that investigations are ongoing. I am pleased that the series of incidents that took place a few weeks ago now appears to have died down, but I will continue to meet with the police.”