Residents '˜living in fear' after third car blaze on Sheffield estate

Residents are reportedly '˜living in fear' after a car fire in Sheffield in the early hours of this morning.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 20 October, 2018, 13:15

It comes after firefighters were called to Fox Hill Way, near the Birley Edge area, at around 3:30am this morning, to what is believed to have been a car on fire.

Residents say they now fear similar incidents, reporting this mornings fire as the third in as many weeks. 

Fox Hill Way, Sheffield (Google)

An eyewitness said: 'All of us on the estate are sick to death of living in fear of our car being the next one, to the point where I've been parking nearly a mile away and walking to my house so that it doesn't become the next bonfire!'

Crews from Elm Lane Fire Station attended the scene and quickly extinguished the blaze.

The fire service say they will be conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the fire.

They would not give any further details of the incident.