Retracing Route 66 back into Sheffield

Route 66
Route 66

ROUTE 66, the hard-working, hard-playing R’n’B band are back in Sheffield this weekend.

They play at The Alehouse, Fraser Road, Woodseats, on Saturday, their first gig here this year on their never-ending tour.

The band are remembered in the city playing at The Leadmill with Dr Feelgood and The Boardwalk with Wilko Johnson and Ten Years, not forgetting way back at the late-lamented Jolly Buffer on Ecclesall Road, which was opposite Wards Brewery.

Appreciated for their guitar riffing, harmonica honking, blues-driven sound, the band have been on the road for 22 years and in that time have done around 1,000 gigs and show no sign of slowing down.

Says singer Ian: “Sheffield is a great place to play, not only are the people warm and friendly but they are great music lovers and we always love playing here”