REVEALED: These Sheffield roads have been ranked as among the most dangerous in the country - Do you agree?

A631. Picture: Google
A631. Picture: Google

Two Sheffield roads - which clocked up more than 2000 accidents in a decade - have been shamed as among the most dangerous in the country.

According to Government figures the A6135 and A631 both rank among the top 50 most accident prone highways in the UK.

A6135. Picture: Google

A6135. Picture: Google

The A6135, which runs from Barlborough along City Road in Sheffield and through to Hoyland Common, ranks 15th with 1006 accidents recorded from 321.715 million miles driven in a ten-year period between 2007 and 2016.

Meanwhile, the A631, which starts at Greenland in east Sheffield and goes through the outskirts of Rotherham and Doncaster, comes in at number 48 with 1085 accidents recorded from 672.686 million miles driven in the same ten-year period.

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The South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, a collective of councils, emergency services and public sector groups, said a number of measures have been introduced in a bid to make both roads as safe as possible.

A spokesperson said: "Both these roads have fixed safety cameras and routine mobile safety cameras in operation.

"Alongside enforcement, we run a programme of educational courses to help people understand the importance of using our roads safely.

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"Working with Sheffield Council, and the other local authorities in South Yorkshire, we offer Drive for Life road safety workshops with young drivers in schools, colleges and sixth forms, highlighting the dangers of driving too quickly, driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, using a mobile phone at the wheel and not wearing a seatbelt – often referred to as the ‘fatal four’ contributory factors to road traffic collisions.

"We also work with businesses to educate their staff about road safety, and run sessions for other priority groups, such as drivers aged over 60."

The figures were compiled by a private number plate company called using Department for Transport figures based on how much a road is used set against the number of accident.

Angela Banh, of Regtransfers, said: "Hopefully by highlighting the most dangerous roads in Britain, we are helping raise awareness for safe driving, especially through these hazardous winter months."

The figures also showed that more than half of the listed roads were in London.

Meanwhile, the number of people killed on Britain’s roads has reached a five-year high.

A staggering 1,792 deaths were recorded in road traffic accidents last year, up four percent on the previous year and the most since 2011.