Review: Moscow City Ballet’s The Sleeping Beauty

Moscow City Ballet production ofThe Sleeping Beauty
Moscow City Ballet production ofThe Sleeping Beauty

When I think of ballet, I think of graceful and elegant ballerinas, beautiful sparkly tutus and charming classic musical.

The Moscow City Ballet’s portrayal of Pytor Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ delivered all of these things to the highest quality.

The dancers were captivating from the moment they glided gracefully on to the stage, almost appearing weightless.

Their skill was very impressive, and each delicate move was awe-inspiring. It is obvious that the dancers must have trained for years to be able to dance to such a high level, but they made each twirl or point of a toe look so effortless.

The ballet, which was stunning from start to finish, tells the story of Princess Auora - who is cursed by Fairy Ambrose.

She is put to sleep by the Lilac Fairy to prevent her from being killed by the curse and is then awoken 200 years later by a kiss from Prince Florimund.

Apart from the mesmirising dancing, one thing I enjoyed the most about this ballet was watching the dancers’ facial expressions.

With their being no talking throughout the performance – as is traditional in the ballet – they had to convey their emotions not only through their incredible dance moves but also their faces – and they did it exceptionally well.

The music in this performance was also wonderful and greatly aided with the story-telling, guiding the audience to know when the mood was about change.

The sets and costumes were as opulent and stunning as the dancers.

By Rochelle Barrand