Rheumatology doctor honoured

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A DOCTOR who helped Sheffield to become a specialist centre for children with arthritis has had an honorary event named after him.

When Rod Amos began his career in the 1980s, the city did not have a children’s service and he was one of only two adult rheumatology specialists. Now the department is one of the biggest of its kind in the country.

He told the story to doctors and nurses at the new Rod Amos Rheumatology Education Event (RARE), which will be held annually to increase awareness of rheumatological illnesses in childhood and to help speed up diagnoses.

Dr Rod Amos, aged 64, who retired in 2008, said: “I was trained in adult medicine, but experienced great concern for the lack of education over childhood rheumatology – people just didn’t believe that a child could have arthritis.

“I was approached by my former colleague, general paediatric consultant, Betty Priestly, and together we began our first clinics at the Children’s Hospital. By the time I left I was running weekly clinics, providing a consultation service and seeing children on the wards.”