Riot committee invited to city

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News on-line 24-hours a day.

SHEFFIELD MP Clive Betts has invited the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee to Sheffield as part of its investigation into the recent riots.

Mr Betts, the MP for Sheffield South East, said: “Sheffield people were rightly appalled by the recent events in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

“It is obvious why the Home Affairs Select Committee will want to visit those cities as part of their investigations.

“However, as well as looking at what went wrong, I believe the committee should also take into account the fact that some cities like Sheffield had no disturbances. Neither did they experience similar disturbances in the 1980s, when trouble has happened elsewhere.

“I think there are lessons to be learned from areas that have remained calm and have good records of community relations and community policing.

“We need to remember that the vast majority of young people in the UK played no part in the disturbances. Their voices need to be heard during this inquiry.”

City council leader Julie Dore also paid tribute to Sheffield’s community spirit.

She said: “I believe one of the strengths of Sheffield, despite it being one of this country’s largest cities, is the close community spirit of its people. Sheffielders have a well-deserved reputation of being tolerant and welcoming and I think this is one of the reasons why this is still one of the safest cities to live.

“I am proud to be from Sheffield and to see that there was no appetite for the kind of pointless destruction that we saw. I am relieved that our communities are not faced with picking up the pieces.

“In particular, I’m proud of the example set by our young people who have continued to show their respect for their city.”