Riot police intervene as Millwall fans try to invade home ends at Rotherham game

Rotherham United v Millwall FC - SkyBet Championship - 28th February 2015 - Trouble flares up with the away fans after Milwall fall behind to the Millers
Rotherham United v Millwall FC - SkyBet Championship - 28th February 2015 - Trouble flares up with the away fans after Milwall fall behind to the Millers
  • Trouble started as Millwall fans tried to invade home ends
  • Two stewards and a number of police officers injured during clashes
  • No arrests but police launch investigation using CCTV footage

Riot police had to intervene as Millwall fans attempted to invade the home stands as they played at Rotherham this afternoon.

The Millers won the Championship relegation battle 2-1, with ugly scenes in the away end at the New York Stadium.

Irate visiting supporters tried to invade the home areas after Rotherham scored their second goal in the 85th minute, with riot police forced to intervene.

Three police officers and two stewards suffered minor injuries during the trouble.

Trouble was also reported outside the ground after the game had finished.

A large number of riot vans were also deployed to Sheffield railway station after the game, as Millwall fans caught connecting trains to London.

Dramatic video footage from the game showed Millwall fans trying to get into two separate home areas of the ground, as well as a small section of their supporters picking up a large metal barrier and using it during clashes with police and stewards.

No arrests have been made but police are to start an investigation and say they have ‘comprehensive evidence including detailed CCTV footage’.

South Yorkshire Police said ‘fans of both clubs played a part’ in the disorder.

Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin said: “Officers have worked with ‎both clubs prior to today’s game in an attempt to prevent such unacceptable behaviour.

“Again we see a minority of individuals spoil the event for many others. They aren’t a true representation of genuine football supporters and have no place in football. Such action can not be tolerated

“I thank the bravery and courage of stewards and police officers in tackling such criminal acts and we will now review evidence to identify and bring to justice those that are responsible for such criminal acts.”

After the match, Millwall manager Ian Holloway said he was concentrating on the game and did not see the trouble from Millwall fans in the away end.

He asked reporters what he was supposed to do about it after Rotherham fans complained at him about the trouble.

He said: “I didn’t see it, I was concentrating on my job and I felt I acted with dignity from start to finish.

“So the Rotherham fans who were shouting at me about that, what do they want me to do, I am a football manager. We’ll have to wait and see on that.”

More than 10,000 people attended the game at the New York Stadium, including over 1,300 Millwall fans.

A large police operation was in place for the match.

Earlier this week, Chief Inspector Richard Butterworth, who is overseeing the policing of the match, warned those going to the game that ‘no level of violence or disorder will be tolerated’.

He said: “We will have the resources in place to deal with any issues that do occur.”

Earlier this month, Millwall manager Holloway hit out at West Yorkshire Police after Millwall were only allowed to take 200 supporters to their away game at Leeds.

Measures, which included all travelling supporters reporting to a motorway service station to pick up their tickets, were put in place several years ago because of a series of clashes.

Holloway said at the time it was ‘totally unfair’ the club had a restriction on the number of supporters allowed to the game.

Anyone with information about Saturday’s trouble, both inside or outside the stadium, is asked to call police on 101 quoting incident number 290 of February 28 2015.