Road markings ‘worst in UK’

A ROAD in the north of Sheffield has been ranked the worst in the country for dangerously worn-out white markings.

Markings on only 1% of a five-mile stretch of the A6135 between Ecclesfield and junction 36 of the M1 were found to be in good condition, according to a report by the Road Safety Marking Association.

Three-quarters of the markings were either barely visible or needed immediate replacement.

Council head of streetscene Nick Hetherington said: “We are aware of the issues around the road markings on the A6135 and plans were put in hand last year to improve the situation.

“A major road maintenance scheme is currently on site in Ecclesfield around the Morrisons supermarket and the section between Chapeltown and the city boundary has already been repainted.

Similarly, a section to the south of the Chapeltown roundabout is being refreshed at the moment as part of a wider scheme.

“Additional sections of the A6135 are due to be refreshed within the next few months between Cumberland Crescent and Church Street, and Station Road to Green Lane,” added Mr Hetherington

Across the UK 14% of road markings were completely worn out.