Rotherham mum prepares for super scary challenge

Elaine Mirza, from Kimberworth, is set to jump 10,000 ft as part of The St John Ambulance Superhero Skydive
Elaine Mirza, from Kimberworth, is set to jump 10,000 ft as part of The St John Ambulance Superhero Skydive

The sky’s the limit for a South Yorkshire mum who is one of the first to sign up for a fun yet frightening fundraising event.

Elaine Mirza, from Kimberworth, is set to jump 10,000ft as part of the St John Ambulance Superhero Skydive.

The event challenges daredevils to do a tandem skydive while dressed as their favourite superhero, to raise money for the St John Ambulance charity.

Plucky Elaine, aged 40, is hoping that taking the leap will cure her fear of heights and is encouraging others to join her in the challenge.

Her target is to raise £400 when she jumps at Brigg airfield later this year.

Elaine said: “After taking part in a three-hour spinathon for Sport Relief I felt really proud of myself and was excited about doing something good for other people while challenging myself too.

“It gave me a bug to want to do something else for charity.

“I’m petrified of heights, so when I saw details about the St John Ambulance skydive, I thought, ‘I have got to do this’.

“If I decide to dress up, it’ll be as Wonderwoman.”

The St John Ambulance Superhero Skydive is open to anyone aged 16, with parental consent, and above.

Those who sign up will make the jump in tandem, harnessed to an experienced parachute jumper, and can wear superhero costumes, if approved, under jumpsuits.

To jump free of charge, participants can pay an initial, non-refundable, registration fee of £70 and must raise at least £395 for St John Ambulance. Or a £70 registration fee plus £200 can be paid for the jump, with any donations given in addition.

Skydivers can choose from a list of 20 locations to find a participating airfield nearest to their home.

All funds raised by the event, taking place throughout the year, will help St John Ambulance continue its mission to save lives and teach members of the public essential first aid skills.

Siobhan Sargeant, regional fundraising coordinator, said: “Anyone’s who’s dreamed of flying like a superhero should join in. Or if someone just feels like a break from routine, wants to celebrate a milestone, or just loves a challenge, they should do the Superhero Skydive too.”

For those less daring, St John Ambulance has also launched a September Superhero Stroll – encouraging people to join with colleagues, classmates, friends and family to go for a sponsored walk dressed as their favourite superhero.

n To register for either event, visit or call 0191 256 4707.