Royal baby name game

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Oh baby! What do you call a future king or queen of England?

That’s the question on every royal fan’s mind as the nation plays the name game – with bets on what Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first child will be called.

The baby will have the title of the Prince or Princess of Cambridge, but speculation is mounting as to what his or her first name will be.

Even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do not know the gender of their baby.

But there will be a huge rise in popularity over coming months of the name the Royal couple choose.

Betting shops have seen unprecedented levels of activity as people put money on their predictions.

The favourites, according to bookmakers, Ladbrokes are Alexandra, one of the Queen’s middle names, and Victoria, at 4-1, while James leads the betting for boys, at 6-1, with George a close second, at 10-1.

Ladbrokes say they have so far taken money on 96 names. Some outsiders include Chardonnay, at 1000-1, Elvis, Tulisa and Psy.

All eyes are on St Mary’s Hospital in west London where the Royal couple will be under pressure to announce the name, not just of one of the most anticipated babies of the century, but the name of a future monarch and an era.