RSPCA seeks new home for greyhound left tied up outside kennels in Sheffield

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A greyhound which was tied up and left outside the RSPCA animal centre in Sheffield over Christmas has not yet found a new home.

Eddie, who is four years old, managed to chew through his lead while he was tied up and was found on a busy road close to the Attercliffe-based kennels and cattery.

His RSPCA carers said he was ‘cruelly’ abandoned.

He was re-homed when his racing career did not take off, but his new owner later ditched him.

An RSPCA spokesman said: “Eddie is a fantastic and very lucky boy, who was cruelly tied up outside the centre and left one morning after being re-homed when his racing career didn’t take off.

“Unfortunately, determined not to be left behind, Eddy chewed through the lead he was wearing and made a bid for freedom - straight onto a busy crossroads.

“A gentle, placid and easy going dog Eddy is just a pleasure to be around. A typical greyhound, he is easily pleased by some good food, love and affection and the comfiest bed a dog could wish for.

“Having been intended as a racing dog, we are not sure how much time Eddy will have spent in a home, so may need to start from scratch in most of his basic training, although with time and patience he will surely get there.”

Call 0114 2898050 to find out more.