RSPCA Sheffield seeks responsible cat owner

RSPCA Sheffield is looking for ma new home for ginger and white cat Bronson
RSPCA Sheffield is looking for ma new home for ginger and white cat Bronson

A cute ginger and white cat, Bronson, housed at the RSPCA in Sheffield, is in need of a new home.

The one year three month old feline has no health issues and is not good around dogs.

Bronson came to the RSPCA centre at Stadium Way after his previous owner could no longer give him what he needed. When he arrived Bronson was understandably very shy and nervous resulting in him hiding away, being hissy and a little jumpy.

He also had some unwanted guests living in his fur, but the RSPCA got to work removing them straight away.

After some confidence building and one to one time he is now at a point where he will actively seek a new owners attention and came out to interact with you. Although he likes to have time with people and enjoys a fuss this boy is easily overstimulated and isn’t 100 percent sure on certain kinds of handling. This can result in him at times giving the odd nip or swipe.

When in his pen he can often be spotted chilling in his bed or playing with his toys, which he loves.

But he has shown that he is extremely toy proud and when he gets hold of a catnip or a fishing rod toy, he is very vocal, grabby, growly and snatchy. These are all things that the RSPCA are working on to improve and are things that will need to be continually monitored. Bronson has a very active mind and will need an experienced owner who can keep his clever mind busy and work with his quirky nature. The RSPCA is looking for an adult household for Bronson where any children are older teens and a spokesman said: “He is also looking to be the only pet so our sweet boy doesn’t have to get worked up at the thought of sharing his toys, space and resources.” For more call 0114 289 8050.