Rubber Wellies stepping out again

The Rubber Wellies, with Christophe Capewell from Sheffield top right
The Rubber Wellies, with Christophe Capewell from Sheffield top right

Anniversary tour

Having delighted audiences all over Europe and beyond with their hard-working, fiercely independent act and their love of feelgood fun, they celebrate 10 years on the road together in full festival mode with a whistle-stop tour of five cities and five nights only.

They often perform in Sheffield and multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Christophe Capewell, now based in Dublin, is originally from Sheffield. He collaborates with several artists as well as writing for theatre, circus, radio and short films.

Drawing on curious everyday occurrences, folk narratives and global politics, the Rubber Wellies’ multi-lingual shows are a mix of musical story-telling and good-time sing-alongs that flip between poignant introspection and carefree raucousness.

With a genre-bending mash-up of sea shanties, Mexican rancheras, bossa nova, reggae, old time and swing, their performances are a joyful exercise in bridge building.

They promise “a sonic/emotional conversation with plenty of opportunities for thoughtfulness and laughter”.

The band features Bilbao-based Harry Bird on acoustic guitar and vocals; Christophe on fiddle, melodica, ukulele and piano, Kate Theodore of Southampton on fiddle and vocals, Jamie Bird, from Lincoln, on banjo, mandolin and vocals, and bassist Ian ‘Dodge’ Paterson and Adam Downey, from Galway, on drums.

Harry and Christophe are also looking forward to taking part in a production of A Christmas Carol at the Bristol Old Vic this winter. 

The Rubber Wellies are at The Greystones on Sunday (October 7). Tickets: