The search begins for our salon of the Year

Everyone wants to look good from top to toe, whether they're at work, relaxing with friends or on a night out.

Monday, 27th November 2017, 8:54 am
Updated Friday, 8th December 2017, 1:15 pm
The Star's Salon of the Year 2016. The Hair Bar, Hillsborough Road, Sheffield.

This week sees us launch our 2017 Salon of the Year competition and we need YOU, our readers, to help us to find the top hairdressing and/or beauty salon in our area.

Somewhere that’s a cut above the rest and doesn’t take you at face value. Finding a salon you can trust is crucial. Your favourite salon might provide the best blow-dries, the perfect haircuts, the neatest threading, the hottest self-tans, the most relaxing massages, fantastic facials or the most glamorous nails.

Whether it’s the way they colour your hair, the extra little touches, or the friendly welcome you always receive.

We have drawn up a shortlist of salons in the area that will compete for the title of Salon of the Year 2017.

Entries will be printed in-paper for the next two weeks, so you can then vote for your favourite to appear in the list of top finalists.

To vote from the list, simply return the coupon on page 44 of Monday, November 27 edition of The Star, to us, stating the full name and address of the salon you wish to vote for.

Vote for one of these:

1) Andrea’s, 424 Pitsmoor

Road, S3 9AY Sheffield.

2) Bach Barbers, 7 Market

Place, S35 2UU Sheffield.

3) Barber’s Shop, Hillsborough

Shopping Arcade, S6 4HL


4) Beach Club, 436 Ecclesall

Rd, S11 8PX Sheffield.

5) Beautiful You, 1a, Madehurst

Rd, S2 3PF Sheffield.

6) Beauty Above, 26-30, Bridge

Street, S21 1AH Sheffield.

7)Beauty Above, 29 High

Street, S26 4TT Sheffield.

8) Bliss, 125 Cross Hill, S35 9YS


9) Blynk, 67 Chesterfield Road,

S8 0RN

10) Body & Face Works,

490 Ecclesall Road, S11 8PX


11) Colourworks, 65 Leppings

Lane, S6 1SS Sheffield.

12) Easy Barber, 10 Sicey

Avenue, S5 6NE Sheffield.

13) Easy Barber, 305 Ecclesall

Road, S11 8NX Sheffield.

14) Elite Hair, 795 Chesterfield

Road, S8 0SQ Sheffield.

15) Emm’s Barbers, 107

Leppings Lane, S6 1SU


16) Freestyles, 547 Ecclesall

Road, S11 8PR Sheffield.

17) Funky Divas Salons, 105

Pinstone Street, S1 2HJ


18) Fusion, 52 Far Lane, S6 4FF


19) Glam R Us, 1a, Madehurst

Rd, S2 3PF Sheffiel.

20) Gloss, 680 Chesterfield

Road, S8 0SD Sheffield.

21) Giuseppes, 9 Hickmott

Road, S11 8QF Sheffield.

22 )Hair Band, 625 Ecclesall

Road, S11 8PT Sheffield.

23) Hair Bar, 9 Hillsborough

Road, S6 4JL Sheffield.

24) Hairess, 748 Ecclesall

Road, S11 8TB Sheffield.

25) Hair Office, 195 Fox Hill

Road, S6 1HF Sheffield.

27) Halo Nails, 981 Ecclesall

Road, S11 8TN Sheffield.

28) Hair Workz, 12 Station

Road, S35 2XH Sheffield.

29) Harley’s Tanning & Beauty,

7-9 Station Road, S35 2XE


30) Herries, 429a, Herries

Road, S5 7HF Sheffield.

31) House Creations, 95-

97, Barber Road, S10 1EB


32) Hype Hair Salon, 929 - 931

Chesterfield Road, S8 0SS


33) Icon Hair & Nails, 3-9

Burncross Road, S35 1SA


34) Identity Salon, 2 Stocks

Hill, S35 9YT Sheffield.

35) Jackie’s Hers & Sirs,

43 Chesterfield Rd, S8 0RL


36) Just William, 10 Campo

Lane, S1 2EF Sheffield.

37) Kiss Hair Studios, 117 Lane

End, S35 2UH Sheffield.

38) L A Beauty, 17 Worksop

Road, S26 2EB Sheffield.

39) Leslie Frances

Hairdressing, 54-56 Fargate,

S1 2HE Sheffield.

40) Lew Burgin, 7 Stanwood

Avenue, S6 5HX Sheffield.

41) Katie Marie’s, 265 Southey

Green Road, S5 7QB Sheffield.

42) Little Gems, 28 Hickmott

Road, S11 8QF Sheffield.

43) M & M’s Tanning & Beauty

Salon, 2, Southey Hill, S5 8BD


44) Marcel Wave, 220 Holme

Lane, S6 4JZ Sheffield.

45) Mary’s Salon, 250 Southey

Green Road, S5 7QA Sheffield.

46) Mint Nails and Beauty Bar,

19 The Arcade, Meadowhall

Centre, S9 1EH Sheffield.

47) Mirror Mirror, 194-196,

City Road, S2 5HP Sheffield.

48) Monroe’s, 824 Barnsley

Road, S5 0QG Sheffield.

49) Neiche Style, 43

Middlewood Road, S6 4GW


50) Orchid Hair & Beauty,

687 Staniforth Road, S9 4RE


51) Parachute, 26 Hickmott

Road, S11 8QF Sheffield.

52) Perfection, 35-37

Middlewood Road, S6 4GW


53) Perfection Hair, 37 Wolfe

Road, S6 1BT Sheffield.

54) Posh FX, 46 Middlewood

Road, S6 4HA Sheffield.

55) Preemo Beauty Salon,

54 Owlerton Green, S6 2BH


56) Renegade Barbers, 49a

Burncross Road, S35 1RA


57) Robert D Salon, 11a

Hillsborough Road, S6 4JL


58) Rock Paper Scissors, 251

Foxhill Road, S6 1HG Sheffield.

59) Ruby’s Nails & Beauty, 16

Campo Lane, S1 2EF Sheffield.

60) Ryan Hair , 281 Hatfield

House Road, S5 6HY Sheffield.

61) Scissors, 741 Chesterfield

Road, S8 0SL Sheffield.

62) Scissor Shack, 24

Greenhill Main Road, S8 7RD


63) Sheer Illusionz, 9 Furnival

Gate, S1 4HW Sheffield.

64) Short Cuts One, 132

Northern Avenue, S2 2EH


65) Stylistique, 60 Burncross

Rd, S35 1SF Sheffield.

66) Sweeney 4, 290 Ecclesall

Road, S11 8PE Sheffield.

67) Taylor Taylor Nails &

Beauty, Surrey Street, S1 2LG


68) Taylor’s Hair Design, 8 East

Road, S2 3PQ Sheffield.

69) The Workshop, 58

Upperthorpe Road, S6 3EB


70) The Cutting Club, 1 The

Sinclair Building, 266 Glossop

Road, S10 2HS Sheffield.

71) The Cutting Mill, 101

Furness Lane, Woodhouse

Mill, S13 9XD Sheffield.

72) Toffs Hair, 177 Worksop

Road, Aston, S26 4WB


73) Toni and Guy, Sheffield,

52A Pinstone Street, S1 2HN


74) Top Nails, 288 Ecclesall

Road, S11 8PE Sheffield.

75) Top Nail Salon, 10 Norfolk

Row, S1 2PA Sheffield.

76) Top Salon, 831 Barnsley

Road, S5 0QF Sheffield.

77)Total Restyle, 377 South

Road, S6 3TF Sheffield.

78) Twilights, 471 Barnsley

Road, S5 7AB Sheffield.

79) Twisty’s 236 London Road,

S2 4LW Sheffield.

80) UBU, 615 City Road, S2 1GP


81) Unique Of Sheffield, 828

Ecclesall Road, S11 8TD

82) Vanilla Hairdressing, 16

Norfolk Row, S1 2PA Sheffield.

83) Wax Inc, 1 Tudor Square,

67-69 Surrey Street, S1 2LA

84) – Velour Lash & Brow, 29

Bridge Street, Killamarsh, S21

1AH Sheffield

85) Wigs & Warpaint, 11, West

One Plaza, Fitzwilliam Street,

S1 4JB Sheffield

86) – Wolf & Co, 423 Ecclesall

Road, S11 8PG Sheffield