Sheffield ‘battle’ for mum’s memorial bench

Patricia Parker of Lodge Moor
Patricia Parker of Lodge Moor

A proud son says he is having to ‘battle’ with Sheffield Council to have a bench installed on a roadside in honour of his mum.

David Parker, aged 48, and his brother Chris, 52, want to pay to put a memorial bench on Redmires Road in Lodge Moor, in memory of their mum Patricia who died last November aged 75.

She had lived on Barncliffe Crescent in Lodge Moor for about 45 years, and also worked as an elderly care nurse at Lodge Moor Hospital. Redmires Road is a route she would walk often.

But, despite contacting Sheffield Council three months ago, David says he has still had no quote for a price – or confirmation the idea is even viable.

“We want to put a memorial bench near The Shiny Sheff pub,” said David. “She would often walk that road to work and back.

“I contacted the council in January and got passed round all the different departments. I was eventually told I would have to chase the highways company Amey.

“We want to pay for the bench ourselves. A lot of people on the estate would have known mum.

“I just wanted someone to come back to me and say, ‘Yes, this is the cost’, and we would pay. But we haven’t got anywhere at all.”

David, who lives in London, added he had considered installing a bench without asking, but did not want to taint his mum’s memory by bending any rules.

“One option would be I get nowhere and just go and put a bench up myself. But I don’t want to tarnish mum’s name by doing that.

“I view this not as battling for my mum exactly, but keeping her at the forefront of my mind. It’s more than just a bench.”

John Bann, Sheffield Council’s head of transport and highways, said the authority is ‘sympathetic, and would like to help’.

“The council is developing a process to deal with the many varied requests we receive for benches and other additions to the highway,” he said.

“We do not have funds to provide these items due to reductions in our funding.

“We are aware this matter is not being resolved quickly enough for Mr Parker, but we are sympathetic and would like to help.

“We have been in touch with Mr Parker, and will contact him as soon as possible to advise on progress.”