Sheffield beauty spot now clean thanks to residents

A Sheffield beauty spot, which had become a fly-tipping hotspot, is now back looking its best thanks to the power of social media and a committed group of residents.

Thursday, 8th August 2019, 9:31 pm
The before and after pictures of the fly-tipped spot at Lady Canning's Plantation. Pictures by Rache Suddrick.

A group of seven people from across the city came together to clean up Lady Canning’s Plantation, off Ringinglow Road, on Monday.

Rache Suddrick said it all started after she shared a post about the fly-tipping incident that was highlighted on ‘In the Peak District’ Facebook page.

She said: “A friend, Leanne, said she would help clear and another commented she would too. Leanne then shared (the post) to Dore and Totley page and three others joined us.

“Leanne’s husband had a van that we could use (to carry the rubbish).”

She added that something had to be done immediately as the rubbish had started to spread and would pose danger to the animals.

“It was starting to blow all over the place and becoming an increasing danger to dogs, cattle and other animals,” she said.

Ms Suddrick said it took about an hour-and-a-half for them to clean up all the rubbish.

She said they found a fridge, letters, bottles, cans, dirty nappy, school letter, carpet, shoes, a bone, canisters, plastic, tiles, rubble, and a car indicator.

On Sunday, a resident who frequented Lady Cannings Plantation had complained to the authorities about a fly-tipper dumping rubbish containing personal correspondence at the park.