Sheffield blast house street residents want answers

Demolition of the house that exploded on Dundas Road, Tinsley
Demolition of the house that exploded on Dundas Road, Tinsley

Stunned residents of a Sheffield street where a house exploded say they are waiting for answers about what caused the blast.

All but a handful of the householders on Dundas Street, Tinsley, have returned home after a property was ripped apart by a violent explosion on Wednesday.

The drama turned the normally quiet street into one swarming with emergency services, leaving four neighbours injured and causing dozens to sent to a nearby school for shelter.

The street was yesterday packed with cranes and demolition experts pulling down the remains of the house - leaving a gap in the row of terraces - while an investigation was also launched.

One of the last to return was John Darby, aged 69, who arrived back to his home just two doors down from the exploded property yesterday.

The retired van driver said neighbours were still in shock.

He added: “It was a massive shock – I’ve lived here 50 years and never seen anything like it.

“I’m glad I wasn’t here at the time, I was driving back from a caravan holiday when I heard it on the wireless.

“They wouldn’t even let me on to the road when I got back.

“We were all taken to Hinde House school and then had to stay in a hotel for two nights. There has been a lot of debris left on the street.

“I want to know what happened here, everybody does.”

The blast was initially described as a suspected gas explosion.

But police said a criminal element could not be ruled out as an investigation was still being carried out by officers, fire chiefs, Sheffield Council and the Health and Safety Executive.

One line of enquiry is whether work was been carried out on the gas supply.

Disabled dad Fred Price, 46, was asleep during the blast and was woken up by his nine-year-old son Dominic.

He said: “At the moment to tell you the truth we are worried it is going to happen again.

“It’s worried me for my lad, I’m not bothered for myself. If I could leave I would leave now.

“Last night I was thinking about taking my little lad and the duvet and sleeping in the car.”

The man in the house which exploded remains in Northern General Hospital with facial burns and cuts but escaped major injuries as he was leaving the property at the time.