Sheffield book celebrates the centenary of stainless steel

Harry Brearley, Inventor of Stainless Steel.
Harry Brearley, Inventor of Stainless Steel.

Sheffield is celebrating the centenary of the discovery of stainless steel with a year of events including a new book being produced by Sheffield Newspapers.

Harry Brearley’s breakthrough revolutionised the modern world and put Sheffield on the global map.

100 Years of Stainless Steel is a glossy, hardback book delving into ten decades of one of the world’s most important metals - discovered here in Sheffield in 1913.

There are hundreds of photos in this pictorial tribute and it also includes excerpts by Brearley about the moment of realisation and the battles that followed over ownership of the discovery.

A third of the book is devoted to Sheffield’s steel journey, telling it through the eyes of steelworkers and historians.

It also offers a photographic guide to the legacy of Brearley’s discovery including some of its most iconic uses from the Savoy Hotel and Chrysler Building to record-breaking cars and trains and revolutionary cutlery.

A programme of events is also taking place across Sheffield to mark the historic landmark and reaffirm the legacy of innovation which still exists in the city today.

Everyone who pre-orders a copy of Sheffield’s steel centenary book is invited to have their name added free of charge.

If you would like your name, or the name of a friend or relative, printed in the book and included on its Steel Register, fill in the form on this page.

The book, priced £20, will be in the shops from the spring.