Sheffield-born Python star Palin could write his next big role himself

Monty Python star Michael Palin has revealed he might resort to writing his next dramatic role himself, as he rarely comes across an older character he feels suited to play.

The Sheffield-born 71-year-old actor, writer, comedian and TV presenter has just appeared in spine-chilling drama Remember Me as Tom Parfitt, a lonely Yorkshire pensioner whose admittance into a care home triggers a series of inexplicable events.

Michael said he does not often come across a dramatic role strong enough to persuade him to sign up.

He said: “If there were more parts like Tom Parfitt I would do them, but there aren’t that many really.

“There are a lot of parts which I think other people do much better than I do. Sort of late middle-aged men having a crisis and all that stuff, I’m not quite so interested in that.

“I love characters, I like there being something extra, something extraordinary. But certainly if there were a part like Tom Parfitt, a character part.”

The ex-Birkdale pupil added that he could take the initiative and write his own.

“I’ve written myself parts before, in films like The Missionary and American Friends, and they’ve always been quite straight parts,” he said.

“I remember Terry Jones saying you always end up as the straight man in your own films because you have to anchor it all. It’s a good point, maybe I should write myself something, maybe I will.”