Sheffield brothers’ mentor success

Mentor Michael Bell with Dean & Shane Goodlad
Mentor Michael Bell with Dean & Shane Goodlad

Two farming brothers have been headhunted after their success at building their agricultural firm in Sheffield from scratch.

Shane and Dean Goodlad have spent almost every waking hour since the age of 11 working on a farm in Midhopestones, near Stocksbridge.

The pair built up the business from nothing. They bought their first tractor from their wages for £8,500 on leaving school and started offering agricultural services.

They made enough money to invest in their business further, ploughing cash into S&D Goodlad for new equipment and additional services.

Now Shane, aged 22, and 21-year-old Dean have been chosen by Parson Cross-born Michael Bell to work with him in his new venture, The Results Hub.

The business is aimed at mentoring and developing new businesses – a perfect fit for the farming entrepreneur brothers.

Shane said: “When you are working flat out trying to develop your business, you are often so busy doing the job that you can miss out on major opportunities or perhaps make the wrong decision.

“Working with Michael has raised our game higher than we could ever dream of doing.

“It has opened doors and made us a far stronger business.”

Mr Bell said he has high hope for the siblings.

He said: “It’s a rare thing for an agricultural business to be built by people not born into the industry, but it’s even rarer for two brothers to have the drive and motivation of Shane and Dean.

“I have high hopes for them and can see S&D Goodlad becoming a household name within the industry.”