Sheffield canoeist’s missing wallet turns up - 12 years after he lost it in a river

Graeme Forbes who has been reunited with his wallet after 12 years.
Graeme Forbes who has been reunited with his wallet after 12 years.

SHEFFIELDER Graeme Forbes was gutted when he lost his wallet in a Somerset village 12 years ago.

But now it has been found and handed back -complete with the cash inside it.

Mr Forbes, aged 28, lost the wallet when his kayak overturned during a slalom event on the River Frome near Trowbridge in 2000.

It was found last week near a weir in the village of Tellisford by Anthony Battersby after heavy rain.

He tracked down Mr Forbes through a British Canoe Union membership card found inside.

Mr Forbes, 16 at the time, said he had been taking part in a slalom competition run by Frome Canoe Club when his kayak overturned.

“I came out of the river gargling quite a lot of water and I quickly realised where it must have gone, but a flooding river wasn’t the best place to look for a wallet,” he said.

“We had a poke around but I had to give it up for lost.”

He received a phone call from the BCU informing him of the discovery.

He said: “They asked if I’d lost a wallet and instantly I knew what they were talking about because I’ve not canoed in several years.

“There was still £2.60 in it which I’ve offered the finder to cover postage.

“It’s a great vindication of human nature that people, if they find something, will make an effort to return it. Most people are pretty decent after all.”