Sheffield celebration of Star Superkids

The Star Super Kids Awards'Studio Theatre at The Crucible'Nominees and Winners gather on the steps of the Crucible Theatre
The Star Super Kids Awards'Studio Theatre at The Crucible'Nominees and Winners gather on the steps of the Crucible Theatre

Inspiring young winners of the The Star’s Superkids’ Awards were recognised this week, at a glittering presentation evening hosted by editor, Nancy Fielder.

Some of Sheffield’s most deserving and selfless young people were placed in the spotlight to receive awards celebrating their special qualities and the examples they set to others.

There were 12 finalists for the award for Fearless Bravery, a category full of remarkable children who all received certificates.

But the outright winner this year was Charlie Leeks, who donated funds raised for him, to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, to be spent on new toys for the wards. Charlie is also known for his humour; he told schoolfriends that scars he has were from an encounter with a shark.

Deserving Macy Stocks was handed the award for Invincible Carer, with runners-up Reece Jarman and Thomas Atkin. Brave and supportive from a young age, Macy helped out with family issues and was separated from her mum and sister for 19 months while her sister was in hospital.

Another compassionate young lady received the Dynamic Fundraiser award. Ellie Thompson lost her own long blonde hair due to side effects of medical treatment, and when it grew back, she chose to have 10 inches cut off to donate it to The Little Princess Trust. She raised £1,522 by various efforts for the Trust.

There were three finalists for the Extraordinary Inspirer award, but McKenzie Doman clinched the title. McKenzie suffers with a silent stammer. To support others, she conducted research about speech impediments to give to peers and other students. Despite her stammer, she has joined in many school performances.

The 2017 Super School was Abbey School, whose leader, Luci Windle, ‘inspired, empowered and motivated both school and community to aspire, and do better’, and the school has now successfully rebuilt its reputation.

Sheffield Sharks Mike Tuck and Marko Backovic presented the Super Sports Star award to Josh Thompson.

Josh overcame illness challenges himself and within his family, and continued to give his all in sport.

The Enterprising Star winner at the awards was revealed as Osama Elamami, who created his own enterprise, with friends, to raise cash for less fortunate people. He organised a cake-tasting competition and spoke out in assemblies.

There were two finalists for the Math Marvel award, but Joshua Saunders stood out for his drive to understand mathematics and help others with challenging concepts. Runner up was Jamal Oldfield.

Sam Lyall lifted the Technology Wiz award with Molly Sweeney as runner-up. Sam excels in his use of programming, and works independently but often helps others with programme testing.

This year’s Wonder Writer was announced as Paddy Newton, who began writing for a BBC Radio 2 competition, naming characters in memory of his family, and including hand-drawn illustrations and maps. Connor Baldwin was runner-up.

‘Mighty Performer’ award winner Peace Omoigui sings the blues to boost confidence, and was chosen for her “passion and heart”.