Sheffield College principal backs fair funding campaign

The leader of Sheffield College has backed the campaign calling on education in Sheffield to be fairer funded.

More than 8,000 people have already backed The Star and Sheffield Telegraph’s petition calling on the Government to redress the funding situation as schools struggle to balance their books.

Chief executive and principal of The Sheffield College,Angela Foulkes

Chief executive and principal of The Sheffield College,Angela Foulkes

The Government’s new national funding formula - aimed at redistributing funding to historically underfunded areas - helps the situation and will lead to an overall increase in funding for Sheffield.

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But the way in which it is being implemented means Sheffield schools do not get a fair deal quickly enough and headteachers have warned of mass redundancies, bigger class sizes and short school weeks.

Chief executive and principal of The Sheffield College, Angela Foulkes, said she was concerned about the impact the financial pressures are having on youngsters.

She said the underfunding, particularly of 16 to -18-year-olds, affects the college as well as schools.

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“We recruit thousands of school leavers every year, training them in the technical skills they need to go further in apprenticeships, employment and careers, strengthening their prospects and the regional economy,” she said.

“We understand the financial pressures that Sheffield schools face and are concerned about the impact on young people in the city.

“The underfunding of education nationally, particularly for 16 to 18-year-olds, affects colleges as well as schools.

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“There is a growing gap between the funding available to educate this age group and the actual cost of delivering a high quality curriculum.

“We welcome the wider debate taking place in the city on such an important issue that affects us all.”

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