Sheffield Council set to relaunch parking charge hike after previous U-turn

Parking is set to rise by 20p an hour in Sheffield
Parking is set to rise by 20p an hour in Sheffield

Sheffield Council are set to relaunch plans to hike parking charges after scrapping the idea last year.

Local authority chiefs U-turned on the plans to hike prices from 50p an hour to 70p in August 2016. The report was pulled from the council website when The Star revealed the plans which caused a massive public backlash.

Now a new report reveals the council want to rehash the plans hitting areas like Crookesmoor, Ecclesall Road, Broomhill, Hillsborough, Sharrow and Fir Vale, with claims the council will pocket over half a million pounds each year.

The report cites that parking demand 'currently outstrips supply' in the Non-City Centre Parking Zone (NCCPZ).

Areas will see a rise from £4 to £4.50 on a 10 hour maximum stay. Areas along and surrounding London Road will see the maximum stay reduced to eight hours but for a price of £2.80.

No changes will be made to charges in the city centre or parks.

The report states the council is 'not required' to consult on parking charge rises but a legal notice will be published in The Star or Telegraph giving 21 days notice.

The council report said: "It is clear from analysis of parking demand that there are areas within the city where demand is very high. In significant parts of the Non-City Centre Parking Zone (NCCPZ) in Broomhall, Brooomhill, and Crookesmoor zones and in the Ecclesall Road corridor where demand currently outstrips supply.

"This contributes to managing traffic congestion by encouraging more frequent turnover of spaces, which prevents vehicles circulating to look for available spaces, adding to traffic congestion and pollution.

"It also helps in discouraging over-reliance on car based trips and encourage drivers to consider more sustainable modes of travel, such as walking, cycling and public transport, for at least some of their trips."

Lib Dem Coun Ian Auckland said: “Just one week before polling day when everyone is looking away, Labour try to sneak through plans to hike up parking charges across Sheffield.

“By putting up charges in district shopping centres, people will be put off off using their local independent businesses who are already struggling to compete with large chain supermarkets.

"The council should be doing all it can to help local businesses, rather than milking their customers for extra cash.”

Tom Finnegan-Smith, head of strategic transport and infrastructure at Sheffield City Council, said: “Increasing free parking from 15 to 20 minutes in the Non-City Centre Parking Zones will be a big boost to our local economy, encouraging people to nip in to their local shops, helping to create and sustain jobs and thriving local communities."

“Parking prices haven't risen in Sheffield for more than four years and we aren't raising prices in the city-centre or at the city’s recreational parks at all. Some of the parking areas outside the city centre are completely full.

“Businesses and residents have told us that this affects their businesses and limits opportunities to park outside the city-centre during key periods and use local shops. Our parking prices will stay as amongst the cheapest in the country for a major city."