Sheffield cyclists advise council ahead of riding rally


Cyclists who are demanding action to make biking safer have given Sheffield Council guidance on the design of infastructure.

They passed on a copy of Making Space for Cycling – which sets out how to provide high-quality facilities – to key decision makers at the authority.

Matt Turner, of Cycle Sheffield, said: “We’d like to see Sheffield designing world class cycling facilities that both attract existing cyclists and provide the environment where anyone can ride a bike.”

More than 100 people are expected to attend a mass bike ride from Barker’s Pool at 11am this Saturday as part of the Space for Cycling campaign to make saddling up safer and more convenient for new riders.

Cycle Sheffield chairman Mick Nott said no election candidates or councillors had yet ‘committed’ to attending.

But he added: “It could even be the biggest cycle ride in Sheffield before the Tour de France.”