Sheffield derby: City is '˜open for business as normal', say police

Sheffield is still '˜open for business as normal' today, despite the '˜Steel City' derby, according to South Yorkshire Police.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 09 November, 2018, 06:56

Police chiefs involved in the policing operation surrounding the much anticipated fixture '“ the 129th Sheffield derby '“ said they want members of the public to still enjoy spending time in the city today and this evening despite the football game and an increased police presence on the streets.

Sheffield derby: '˜There is no place to hide,' warn police Some members of the public often avoid Sheffield city centre when United and Wednesday play each other, but Assistant Chief Constable Tim Forber, who is overseeing the police operation surrounding the game, said the city is still '˜open for business as normal'.

Police officers on duty at the Steel City derby in Hillsborough last season

He said: 'Sheffield is still open for business as normal.

'It will be a busy Friday night. Lots of people come to the city to enjoy the night time economy and I would not like to discourage them from doing that just because there's a football match on.

'There will inevitably be some congestion around the ground before the game kicks off and immediately afterwards but we have planned for that.'