Sheffield Dino’s a golden boy with so much love to offer

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IF the dog world had its own version of the Olympics then this cute fella would be triple gold winner - for devotion, affection and love.

Meet Dino who - just like Fred Flinstone’s pet dinosaur - loves to have his tummy tickled.

He may be smaller than his cartoon namesake but his heart is as big as a bucket.

RSPCA Sheffield branch animal care manager Tony Benham said: “Dino is a cute black and tan terrier cross, full of character, who has been with us since May.

“He’s a sprightly little fellow, despite being seven years old and he is just raring to get on with life with a new family.

“A calm and steady home would suit him best as he can be a little shy, he isn’t a huge fan of very busy places and crowds and he wouldn’t want to be left alone too long.

“Of course, these are also the characteristics of a calm, intelligent and gentle dog so we are sure there is just the right owner out there for him who would match him perfectly. We just have to make the match.”

Dino has no known health issues but he is a careful eater and eats only tinned meat, once a day.

Tony said: “He loves attention, is very loving, affectionate and very well behaved with people. If someone with children is thinking of adopting him, calm children over the age of eight would be ideal.

“Dino loves to go on walks and he needs about two lots of 20-minute walks a day.”

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