Sheffield ‘EcoTerrace’ house unveiled to public

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A TERRACED house in South Yorkshire which has been transformed into an energy-efficient “EcoTerrace” has been unveiled to the public for the first time.

Sheffield City Council has spent £45,000 renovating a three-bedroom terraced house in Fir Vale.

The improvements have been made to showcase how energy efficiency savings can be made in the average family home.

The property on Robey Street is being used by an environmental charity.

The charity, Groundwork Sheffield, is using it for one year as a show-home for economical changes.

The features which have been installed into the Victorian terraced house include solar panels on the roof, as well as internal and external wall insulation throughout.

Wooden double glazed windows, costing £5,000, have also been installed. The windows, which are made of a sustainable organic hard wood, are filled with argon gas between the sheets of glass to increase the efficiency of the windows.

The council expects that the energy bills in the house will fall 67% per year, from £1,476 to £483.

Groundwork business manager Wendy Bussey said: “I don’t think this property is designed for the average individual to be able to do all these things to their house.

“A lot of measures that you can do, which cost next to nothing, will save you money eventually. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.”