Sheffield family face new blow to Justice for Matt battle

Matthew Cryer
Matthew Cryer

A SHEFFIELD family’s fight to bring their son’s killer to justice has been dealt another blow - this time by the Greek economy.

David Cryer, whose 17-year-old son Matthew was killed on the Greek holiday island of Zante four years ago, was summoned to appear before Greek magistrates next month.

But he has now been told the hearing is on hold and may not take place until Autumn at the earliest.

David was due to be joined at the hearing by two key witnesses who saw events leading up to his son’s death.

But now the magistrate due to preside over the hearing will be preparing for another election as Greece battles its financial crisis.

David said: “I have now been informed that due to the election everything has been put on hold.

“Not only that but apparently the Greek legal system completely shuts down for a month in August. Then of course there will be the difficulty of ensuring that witnesses will be available for any rescheduled meeting.”

Matthew, who grew up in Frecheville and Killamarsh, died at the foot of a flight of stairs at the Cocktails and Dreams nightclub in Laganas, Zante, in July 2008.

A coroner ruled he had been unlawfully killed after hearing he had been beaten up by bouncers and thrown down the steps.

David said: “For the hearing to be delayed once more is yet another blow but we will continue to fight for the justice Matt deserves.”