Sheffield family home for retired hound

Jon, Lucy and Ben Raettig with Merv.
Jon, Lucy and Ben Raettig with Merv.

A family from Sheffield have welcomed a new pet into their home, following an appeal for owners in The Star.

Jon and Jo Raettig from Dore fell in love with Merv, a retired greyhound who arrived at the Sheffield branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust in August, and sought to adopt him.

The couple and their children Lucy, aged five, and Ben, four, met the six-year-old dog, who was known as Rockchase Merv in his racing days, at the trust when they went to visit.

Jon, a 38-year-old accountant, said: “The whole family couldn’t wait to welcome Merv into our home.

“It all started when we went to a friend’s house and loved how relaxed and laidback their greyhound was.

“We saw them as a breed we could easily live with, and which would get on with our two young children.

“We loved the idea of giving a retired greyhound a new home so we paid Sheffield’s Retired Greyhound Trust a visit.”

The family said they fell ‘instantly in love’ with Merv, who is especially gentle and good with children.

Jon said: “We kept coming back to him and he kept coming back to us.

“We just had to have him.”

Jon added: “The kids love him.

“He’s a beautiful, happy and healthy dog.

“Merv is also such a loving dog and all he wants is cuddles. Greyhounds are more placid than any other breed I have ever come across.

“He is going to be such a calming influence on an otherwise hectic family life.”

The Retired Greyhound Trust told The Star it had some of its busiest months ever after the appeal for new owners as part of Yorkshire Greyhound Day in August.

The campaign was supported by The Star.

To find out more about adopting a retired greyhound call 0114 288 8300.