Sheffield girl, 7, injured in quad bike crash

Wooded area to the rear of Adkins Road, Sheffield.
Wooded area to the rear of Adkins Road, Sheffield.

A schoolgirl aged seven was left in a serious condition with head injuries after crashing into a concrete fence post while riding a quad bike in Sheffield.

Abigail Cavell from Scraith Wood needed surgery at Sheffield Children’s Hospital following the accident last Wednesday.

After several days of treatment she was making enough progress to be discharged from hospital yesterday afternoon.

Mum Katy told The Star: “She is back to normal. Nobody has got any hard feelings about this. It was just a hot sunny day and the children were playing.”

Police say she was injured on wasteland at the rear of Adkins Road at around 7pm last Wednesday.

Abigail was riding an 80cc blue and white Suzuki quad bike in the field when she crashed into a concrete fence post.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the incident and have appealed for witnesses to come forward with information.

Sgt Graham Sayner, of South Yorkshire Police’s motorcycle wing, said the girl was believed to be the sole rider of the quad bike when the crash happened.

He added: “From what I understand she was riding it on her own.

“She sustained some serious head injuries although she is recovering well.

“The officer involved in the incident is investigating, and will be looking into why she was on the bike, what condition the bike was in, and whether it is a bike that is licensed for riding on the road or one that is for off road use only.”

To take to the roads quad bike riders must be aged at least 17 and have a driving licence, as well as meeting other regulations.

There is no minimum age for children to ride the bikes on private land, as long as permission is sought from the landowner.

Police are appealing for information and for any witnesses to come forward.

Call police on 101 quoting incident number 907 of May 24.