Sheffield gym owner Ross Burkinshaw gives thief three days to admit break-in

A Sheffield gym owner has given a thief three days to admit to a break-in – warning him he knows who he is and where he lives.

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CCTV cameras captured a thief in Ross Burkinshaw's gym in Handsworth during a break-in

CCTV cameras captured a thief in Ross Burkinshaw's gym in Handsworth during a break-in

Boss BoxFit on Richmond Park Road, Handsworth, was broken into in the early hours of Sunday by a crook who smashed a hole in the roof to gain entry.

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CCTV cameras captured the thief searching the gym while an accomplice outside acted as a look-out.

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It is believed that he was looking for cash but with nothing of value kept at the gym, he fled empty-handed.

Gym owner Ross Burkinshaw, aged 32, who opened his business in March, posted CCTV images of the culprit online and received the name of the crook believed to be responsible after he was identified by members of the local community.

But Ross said the thief is only a teenager and if he is prepared to admit his actions and work off the cost of the repairs to the roof which need to be carried out after the break-in, he will ‘help him turn his life around’.

He said: “The name I have is of a teenager of about 16 or 17 and I know where he lives, but I have given him three days to admit what he did and to agree to work off the cost of the roof repairs that need to be paid for after he broke-in.

“If he comes forward the that will be the end of it because although he is old enough to know right from wrong he is young enough to turn his life around.”

The former WBO European, Commonwealth and English champion said: “I would rather work with young people and get them off the streets rather than having them going around burgling and robbing.

“Not many people would do this but I am willing to give him a second chance if he is man enough to admit what he did.”