Sheffield '˜has highest number of vulnerable families in UK'

Sheffield has the highest number of families and young people in crisis in the UK, a new charity report has claimed.

Monday, 25th April 2016, 6:00 am
Sheffield. Picture: Andrew Roe

Buttle UK has received almost 4,000 applications for support grants from struggling people and families in Sheffield between 2006 and 2015 - the highest figure in the country and ahead of Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow.

The Crisis Points report, published today by the charity, highlights where families on very low incomes and dealing with complex social issues live.

The charity, which works to provide items such as beds, washing machines and children’s clothing to those in need, said the Yorkshire and Humber region has the highest number of families and young people in crisis in the UK.

The report says: “The principal driver of family crisis in the region is due to parental problems, including parental physical or mental health problems, or family’s inability to cope with issues such as poverty, divorce or imprisonment.

“The principal driver of child crisis in the region however is estrangement; these children can be homeless or not in education, employment or training.”

Since 2006, Buttle UK has provided families in the Yorkshire and The Humber with 3,127 washing machines, 3,324 cookers, 1,831 fridge freezers and 1,544 beds and bedding.

Gerri McAndrew, chief executive of Buttle UK, hoped the new report would assist local councils in supporting vulnerable people. “Not only does this provide new data highlighting the levels of need of families and children around Yorkshire and the Humber, it will be a crucial tool for local authorities in Yorkshire and The Humber to plan for and improve services,” she said.