Sheffield jobseekers looking forward to ‘Working Well’ in New Year

Community event.
Community event.

Almost 150 Sheffield residents are looking forward to a happier and healthier 2016 after signing up to a ‘Working Well’ scheme.

Scores of jobseekers have joined the project, which aims to give help and support to those who are out of work, or have never worked, due to health reasons such as depression, anxiety and long-term conditions.

The scheme, funded by the council and the department of work and pensions, involves providing people who need it with assistance to help them work through their issues while in employment. It is being trialled for two years and is expected to help at least 345 people living in areas with the highest rates of health-related unemployment.

Lesley Thompson, aged 51 from Upperthorpe, was referred to the Working Well programme in November after being out of work for more than ten years following a redundancy. She had been suffering from long-term depression and said: “The programme has made such a difference.”

The pilot project is for people on Employment and Support Allowance whose illness or disability affects their ability to work. Referrals can be made by GPs and work coaches at Jobcentre Plus.