Sheffield man, 22, struck ex-partner after drunken attack

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Crime:Latest news.

A MAN who slapped his ex-partner across the face and smashed her mobile phone during a boozy bust-up has been ordered to pay her £100 in compensation.

Carl Whitehead, aged 22, of Circular Drive, Renishaw, had been swapping text messages with Jasmin Poulsen while drinking beer at a pal’s house in Eckington before he struck out, a court heard.

He understood he was invited to her Killamarsh address and booked a taxi, but then received a text asking him not to visit.

Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court heard he went anyway and waited outside Ms Poulsen’s home for 20 minutes before she arrived after a night out.

A row erupted when she asked him to go.

Whitehead asked if she had seen someone else and she said she had.

John Cooper, prosecuting, said: “He was angry and punched the window of a Nissan Micra parked on the driveway and it broke. There was also some pushing and shoving.

“He says she kicked him between the legs and hit him in the face and body. He hit her face with an open palm and she fell.

“He then threw her mobile phone to the ground, causing it to break.”

Whitehead admitted assaulting Ms Poulsen and damaging the phone and the car on Saturday, September 1.

In addition to the compensation to his ex, he must pay £100 to the owner of the car he damaged and court costs of £85.

Whitehead told the court: “It was mostly down to drink and what was said in the argument between us.”