Sheffield man has suspended sentence for child sex offences activated after assaulting his partnerÂ

A Sheffield man has had part of his suspended sentence for sex offences against a child activated, after he was found to have assaulted his partner and threatened her with a knife.Â

By The Newsroom
Friday, 09 November, 2018, 17:08
Sheffield Crown Court

In September last year, defendant Alec Wilkinson, of Lloyd Street, Page Hall was sentenced to 15 months in prison, suspended for two years, for sex offences committed against a girl under the age of 16. 

But less than nine months later, Wilkinson, 29, assaulted his partner of four years after becoming agitated while they were in bed together on June 23 this year. 

'She was in bed with the defendant, when he suddenly started shouting and screaming and demanded she order a taxi for him. She picked up her mobile phone, but he snatched it out of her hand,' James Baird, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court today. 



He added: 'He got out of bed and started punching the bedroom door, knocking it off its hinges. He picked up the door and threatened to throw it at her. The complainant was screaming, she was in fear for her safety. 

'He got on top of her, placed both hands on her throat, and tightened his grip for between 10 and 20 seconds, she felt like she couldn't breathe. He told her to stop screaming, loosened his grip and went downstairs.' 

Mr Baird described how Wilkinson returned to the bedroom a short time later holding a bread knife.

'He prodded it on his chest, and then moved towards her and put the tip of the blade on her neck and said: '˜Stop screaming, or I'll cut you up',' added Mr Baird. 

In a victim personal statement read out it court, the complainant said: 'I'm shocked and heartbroken that he could have done this to me.' 

Wilkinson admitted the charge of criminal damage relating to the attack at an earlier hearing, but was found to have committed the common assault at the conclusion of a Newton hearing held at Sheffield Magistrates' Court. 



Richard Adams, defending, told the court that Wilkinson had been under a lot of '˜pressure' since his conviction for sex offences.

Mr Adams said his convictions had resulted in him having to move from Rotherham to Sheffield after being subjected to attacks by people who had learned of his offending and had also led to him having issues with access to his two young children, one of whom he fathered with the complainant. 

He added: 'He has no recollection, but accepts the findings of the lower courts.'

Judge David Dixon jailed Wilkinson for a total of 12 months, activating eight months of his 12 month suspended sentence, and sentencing him to an additional four months for the offences of common assault and criminal damage. 

'If you offend in a domestic situation, breaking doors and threatening your partner in this way, you must go to custody, and you must go to custody now,' Judge Dixon told Wilkinson as he sent him down to begin his sentence.