Sheffield man receives compensation after 'unnecessary' dental treatment left him in excruciating pain

Stock picture posed by model
Stock picture posed by model

A Sheffield man who endured years of excruciating pain after 'unnecessary' dental work has received compensation after a lengthy battle.

Matthew Rippon, aged 31, went to his dentist in Waterthorpe with toothache back in 2004 and was told he needed a root canal treatment before having a crown fitted.

Matthew Rippon

Matthew Rippon

But the pain never went away and he suffered severe infections in the tooth along with flu-like symptoms. He even ended up in hospital in 2015 due to a severe fever and shivering from the huge swelling to his face.

A medical examinations revealed his poor health over the last 10 years was due to infections caused by the poor root canal treatment. At this point Mr Rippon returned to his new dentist and the tooth was extracted

The original procedure was carried out by Dr Josephine Blewitt of the Waterthorpe Dental Surgery, now the Harwood Clinic. She did not admit liability but the dentist settled out of court and Mr Rippon received £7,500.

The dentist said she 'did not agree' with the facts set out by Mr Rippon and his legal team.

“I just felt poorly, weak and had flu-like symptoms on and off for years,” Mr Rippon said.

“I visited my GP on numerous occasions, but was always told I had minor viral infections that would get better. But I kept experiencing the symptoms. I didn’t feel like myself and knew something was wrong, I just wanted it to stop.

“The pain was excruciating. I couldn’t believe an issue that was meant to have been resolved 10 years ago was still causing problems. When I went back to the dentist a week later X-rays showed the infection was still severe.

“To be told my constant health issues and infections were all because of Dr Blewitt’s treatment 10 years ago was soul destroying.

“Had I known this was the case, I would not have been so poorly and my tooth could have been saved. To make matters worse I had to have a bridge fitted and now need a dental implant.”

Mr Rippon contacted Dental Law Partnership who took his case on in June 2015 and the compensation was paid in late 2016.

Robert Pettitt of the Dental Law Partnership commented: “What our client went through is completely unnecessary. If the dentist had carried out the proper treatment in the first place he would never have experienced so much suffering and inconvenience. We hope the compensation he receives goes some way to paying for the additional treatment required.”

Dr Blewitt said: “I would like to make it clear that I do not agree with the facts as conveyed by TDLP, but I will not provide details of the patients treatment and management because of my professional duty to protect the confidentiality of my patients.

“However, I am pleased that the matter has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion so that all the parties involved can now move on.”

Dr Blewitt no longer works at Waterthorpe Dental Surgery, now the Harwood Clinic.