Sheffield man's £200,000 lottery '˜win' probed after claims ticket was doctored

A Sheffield man who insists he has won £200,000 on a National Lottery scratchcard is refusing to give up on his claim '“ despite an investigation that the ticket was doctored.

Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 12:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 12:20 pm
Sheffield man Eric Walker says this is a 200,000 winning scratchcard - but Camelot say the E5 code appears to have been doctored and is refusing to pay out

Eric Walker is adamant that he has won the jackpot prize on the lotto's Pharaoh's Fortune game and says he will not let the matter drop with organisers Camelot who are refusing to pay out on the card.

The 56-year-old from Arbourthorne says that he has won '˜fair and square' after matching three symbols on the £3 card which was bought several weeks ago at a nearby shop.

Mr Walker says the card is a 200,000 winner.

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But a spokesman for Camelot said that part of the card appeared to have been doctored '“ with a letter F on the game changed to E to facilitate a '˜winning' ticket.

He said: 'I've matched the three symbols like the card says and I've won. They are saying it's not a winner and we've cheated.

'I'm not prepared to let this go. We're being swindled out of £200,000 by Camelot.'

The game, which offers five top prizes of £200,000 is split into two parts.

In the first part, players have to scratch off a series of map co-ordinates made up of letters and numbers which correspond to squares on a game board.

The player than scratches off those squares '“ and if they match three symbols, they win the cash prize relating to that symbol.

Mr Walker says he uncovered three pharaoh symbols on squares D1, E5 and A5 after scratching off those codes in the first part of the puzzle.

However, the E5 code appears to have been doctored rendering the card invalid. The F5 square '“ which the code was originally believed to have been - is also scratched off on the card.

He said:'I scratched off the codes as they said at the top of the card. I think there must have been a mistake on the card because as far as I'm concerned it's a winning card.

'I refuse to accept it. I think it must be a misprint or something and it is nothing to do with us.'

'We've played to the rules. I'm going to keep the pressure on Camelot because we've won £200,000. We've been cheated.'

'They want to inspect the ticket but I'm not letting it out of my sight. It's a winner and I'm hanging onto it.'

A spokesman for Camelot said that an investigation was underway but on first inspection the card appeared to have been doctored.