Sheffield Mothers’ Union group come up with creative ways to boost charity coffers

Member sof the Mothers' Union in Sheffield.
Member sof the Mothers' Union in Sheffield.

Members of the Mothers’ Union in Sheffield came up with inventive ways to turn pennies into pounds in aid of a number of good causes.

To celebrate the 140th anniversary of the organisation, Sheffield Diocese gave each branch 140 ten pence pieces and set them the challenge of increasing the money by using their talents.

The challenge was based on the Parable of the Talents, which tells the story of three men who were given ‘talents’ - money - and told to make wise investments from it.

Each branch used their £14 in different ways, some held coffee mornings and table top sales, while others bought goods from the Mothers’ Union enterprise shop and raffled them off or planted bulbs and sold the plants. Together they managed to raise a whopping £8,135.

Mothers’ Union member Elizabeth Dean said the money will be used to “fund ventures such as the Worldwide Literacy Project, where facilitators establish group sessions in the communities to teach writing, reading and numeracy skills.

“Women are also trained in leadership skills so they can have confidence to use their new skills in the wider community.

“The money will also be used towards the Mothers’ Union Holiday Scheme - Away From It All - to help people who are experiencing stress in their family life.

“AFIA normally helps with part of the cost of a holiday or with travel expenses, but sometimes can pay for the whole trip.”

On the 140th anniversary, also known as Mary Sumner Day after the founder of the Mothers’ Union, a representative from each branch brought the money back to a service at Sheffield Cathedral and the vice presidents, Mary Carr and Moira Leach, collected on behalf of the various projects.