Sheffield MP is urging people to shape his work in Westminster through series of meet and greets

Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield
Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield

Sheffield MP Paul Blomfield is urging his constituents to shape his work in parliament and in the city.

Mr Blomfield is holding his annual community consultation, the Big Conversation, from September 9 to October 7 to listen to constituents’ concerns and answer questions.

Events include open meetings, café and pub drop-ins and street surgeries across Sheffield Central. Mr Blomfield will also be visiting schools to hear the views of young people, and meeting community groups.

Speaking to The Star about his Big Consultation event, Mr Blomfield said some of his most important work like tackling payday lenders and improving conditions for young carers, has come from getting out and meeting people

"One thing that sticks out for me is a group of young carers I spoke to and the challengers that they face. I was so humbled by them for what they do, studying hard and then having to be a full-time carer for a parent or other relative. I sat and listened to their problems and difficulties they faced and we manged to help them.

"I would have probably never come across something like that if this didn't land at my feet and I'd urge anyone in the constituency to come and see me if they can."

Mr Blomfield agreed that the work of an MP can be skewed when people tune in to debates like Prime Minister's Questions which often sees members of the house shouting across at each other.

"It's a big listening exercise and it's proven extremely beneficial to me. People have such a bad experience of politics and this tries in some respects to let people know what we as MPs do.

"I put myself forward nearly ten years ago to become an MP because I was so interested in the internal democracy of where I live and it gave me the chance to really make a difference.

"I quickly found in this job you can't just sit and wait for people to contact the office - you really need to get out their, hold events and just sit back and listen to what people are saying to you.“What people tell me shapes my work in Parliament. I raise the issues I hear about with the Government and secure positive change that helps the community.”

A full list of Mr Blomfield's events can be found here