Sheffield MP’s appeal helps Syrian refugees

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Sheffield MP Paul Blomfield’s Christmas Appeal for Syrian Refugees has raised more than £6,500 thanks to the generosity of Sheffield people.

Mr Blomfield launched his Christmas Appeal after receiving almost a thousand emails from constituents concerned about Syrians affected by the civil war and the recent Parliamentary debate on air strikes against Daesh.

Since the start of the conflict more than four million people have fled the country and more than seven million have been displaced.

Money raised will be donated to Syria Relief to pay for aid, including coats and boots during the harsh winter weather, and medicine.

Mr Blomfield said: “Hundreds of people have contacted me in recent months about the Syrian refugee crisis or about air strikes against Daesh in Syria.

“Everyone has expressed heartfelt concern for the Syrian people and their suffering. I wanted to translate these concerns into practical action to help refugees and so I teamed up with Syria Relief to set up this Christmas Appeal.

“I set a target of £5,000, which we’ve exceeded. I’m so pleased that the generosity of people in Sheffield will save lives this Christmas.”