Sheffield MP’s call to cut bus prices

Sheffield MP Clive Betts.
Sheffield MP Clive Betts.

Bus companies are taking Sheffield passengers ‘for a ride’ by not lowering fares despite a large cut in oil prices.

Clive Betts, who represents South East Sheffield, said the decision to keep increasing fares put more pressure on families.

He has now written to First and Stagecoach calling on them to cut prices to reflect falling oil prices.

Mr Betts said: “In the past bus companies have been quick to raise bus fares blaming rising oil prices. However, they display no intention to cut fares to reflect the dramatic fall in oil prices.

“Bus companies seem determined to pay bonuses to shareholders rather than attention to passengers.”

A First spokesman said ‘great improvements for customer service’ had been made in Sheffield through the city’s bus partnership, attracting more passengers.

He added: “This has also been achieved with a value-for-money bus strategy, First’s day ticket is only £3.80.”